The powerful ele­ment icon list pro­vi­des incre­di­ble 
oppor­tu­ni­ties to repre­sent your lists styles.


You can also divi­de each list item with a good
loo­king divi­der like solid, dot­ted or dashed.

Space Bet­ween

You can also modi­fy the space bet­ween each list
item, the num­ber is repre­sen­ted in each device.


Easi­ly chan­ge the ali­gnment to left, cen­ter
or right, with a gre­at com­bi­na­ti­on of icons.


Ano­ther gre­at fea­ture of list styl­es is the inline
type, you can easi­ly chan­ge their position.


The color is easy chan­geable, you can cus­to­mi­ze
the color of the icon, the text or both of them.

Hover Color

The same opti­ons of color can be appli­ed when you
mou­seo­ver over a list item, icon or text are changed.


Chan­ge easi­ly the size of the icon befo­re or the text on
the list item style, the color and size can be combined.